Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Youth Football Plays And Drills- Instilling A Joy For The Game

Before you can try to teach youth football plays or run football drills, you must instill a joy for the game in the child. Children can get bored of things very quickly, if they are not finding joy in what they are doing. There are few ways that you can go about making this happen.

One of the best ways to accomplish this, is to show an interest in the game yourself. Children like to mimic their parents, and if you show some excitement while watching a game, they will soon follow you! If they hear you talking football to one of your friends, they will be interested in finding out what you are talking about. If they see you wearing your favorite team's t-shirt, they will want one too!

Teaching some of the history of football to the children can also make them excited about the game. If it is possible, you should plan a trip to Canton, Ohio to visit the Pro Football Hall Of Fame. Another way to teach the history is to buy a few of the old NFL Film video's. Those video's are filled the best of the far and recent past!

One thing that I tell parents all of the time is, a joy for the game can not be forced in youth football. If the child shows little interest in the game, leave it alone! Not every kid wants to play football! Its hard to believe sometimes, because you remember your joy for the game, but forcing football on them will only upset them.